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John deere smoking after oil change

Joined Aug 26, 2014. 2,525 Posts. #2 · Apr 2, 2017 (Edited) The oil you used is for autos/trucks. You need to use motorcycle specific oil as the manual states. It's difficult to say.

My JD mower engine info: Briggs & Stratton 33, 21 HP OHV Engine; Model/Type/Code: 331877-0113 B1-080305ZD. The mower started smoking (whitish/blue) like crazy; fuel pump was leaking oil & I could smell gas on the oil dipstick. Despite these issues the engine continued to run without ever stalling or sounding "off".

In Reply to: 2 cylinder diesel smoking after oil change posted by 720Deere on May 16, 2004 at 07:47:46: Gee, I hope it isn't anything serious. My only thought is that you could give it a workout, and see if the smoking stops. Maybe you stirred up some stuff on the bottom of the engine. If you get a chance to work it, change the oil again..

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Doublewide6. Hi looking at my friend's JD 345 after about 15 minutes of use it loses power and runs rough. The overheating light comes on. Oil looks good, and antifreeze is full, fan is running and engine looks pretty clear of debris. It has a liquid cooled kawasaki FD590V-BS04. Seems like it is overheating, but I'm not sure what would cause it. Site hosted by Build your free website today!.

I have a John Deere D110 Tractor (Product ID - 1GXD11ECDD426387) that starts perfectly and runs at full power. When it hits roughly 8-10 minutes running, the exhaust spits.

The differences in come from the additives put in the base oil. John Deere specifies the exact additive package they want in their branded oil down to a molecular level. Case does the same, along with Cat, Kubota the list goes on. Every manufacturer thinks that the additive package they specify is the best for their engines.

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